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1, for the special danger level hot work permit, please factory first aid, fire protection in place, on-siteassistance, prevention.
2, welding method: using hoop welding, steel according to the collecting pipe size prefabricated U hoop, hoop aroundthe leak of a week. Steel hoop must be prefabricated three with valve tube, the three tube is placed, leakage ofammonia leakage safety protection and filling steam pressure.
3, in the whole process of hot, special care oxygen content monitor gas gathering pipeline, the oxygen content inthe gas collecting pipe must be less than 1%, ensure that the tube mixed gas in the explosion limit, if the oxygencontent is more than 1%, it is strictly prohibited to use fire, must find out why the oxygen exceed the standard,find the leak point, to prevent the air from entering.
4, determine the construction schemes, by equipment inspection with thickness detection of pipeline wall thicknessto ensure the welding without welding wear tube wall. If the pipe wall has corrosion thinning, can penetrate whenwelding, so can not directly operation, can only use the other method.
5, operations staff requirement. Must be experienced welders, during the welding process, as far as possible in thetube wall side a little light, to ensure that no welding, otherwise, there will be a positive pressure fireaccident. In addition, the temporary inspection platform must be wide, with evacuation routes, convenient in casethings timely evacuation.
6, to maintain positive pressure, positive pressure is a very critical step, because the gas extraction andpurification of suction machine does not stop, gas collecting pipe pressure is quite low, even can reach the stateof negative pressure.
7, determine the leak location. Because the ammonia raw gas, gas collecting pipe, gas, liquid coexistence equipment,must determine the leak is in the surface, or in liquid.
8, steam protection. In a fixed hoop ago, open good steam standby, the hoop on the collecting pipe, steam pipe isconnected in a really a pressure relief pipe, open the steam, in the far leak spot welding, fixed channel steelhoop.

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